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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

National Hampoon's German Vacation Pt. 4 The Spa.

My bestie Shana and I had good bonding times at the Olympus spa in Washington...and after a little digging I found a lovely spa here that was only about an hour away, the only difference is that it was bigger and co-ed.   We weren't bothered to much by the idea and after spending a summer with the Europeans we're not phased by nudity.   Phil was a bit hesitant, but we told him it would be full of naked ladies.

We were wrong.

All sagging bits aside, we enjoyed the different saunas and going from the natural hot springs to the cold Irish Roman bath was surprisingly refreshing.   We also decided on a Rasul steam bath where we are seated in this beautiful mosaic room where the ceiling looks like stars and we apply different muds to different parts of our bodies and then hang out while steam is pumped in.  

The attendant warned us of the " abrupt " rain, but it was warm and wonderful and I will definitely be going back.

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